Fairtrade Music Fridays!

Explore a new variety of music. Discover beats from across the globe. Groove into the weekend with our Fairtrade Music Fridays!

Every Friday at 3pm on our Facebook and Twitter pages we’ll be posting a track from a World Music artist, providing you with awesome beats to bounce your way through those last few hours of work before the weekend.

Each track is 100% guaranteed to make you shimmy and shake across the office, opening your eyes to undiscovered bands and artists.

We’ll also be featuring bands and artists on our blog, and our first post about Afro Celt Sound System is live now.

We love sharing music with you guys, and would love it in return if you shared your recommendations with us. If you do feel free to drop us a message on Facebook, or tweet us @ubuntucola.

Stay cool, people.

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