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We think our cola is the best around.

Not only does Ubuntu have amazing flavour, but it’s also ethically minded.

In 2007 Ubuntu Cola was the first UK cola to be certified as Fairtrade, and it has fizzed with Fairtrade sugar from southern Africa ever since.

We took the name for our cola from the word Ubuntu, which means human kindness, or the essence of being human. In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, "Ubuntu is the essence of being human. I am human because I belong, and my humanity is bound to yours."

Ubuntu binds together many sub-Saharan societies. It’s a give-and-take concept where everyone depends on everyone else; it links everyone and everything is shared. Nobody is left wanting. We think it’s pretty neat, and we think it sums us up very nicely – a world community of Ubuntu lovers.

Our cola is enjoyed all over the world, from the hot streets of Rome to the icy shores of Sweden, and is even the official cola of Portugal’s BOOM Festival.

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